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Smooth animation my ass...

...let alone VERY smooth. You need to learn what's smooth and what's not.
Yes, compared to other pieces of filth out here, it's smooth, compared to my own garbage, it's smooth...but what's the point?

adam-p89 responds:

I'm sorry, "You need to learn what's smooth and what's not" you say it's not smooth! Then, you say it is smooth compared to other "filth" out there and your "garbage"! Learn not to contradict yourself, and maybe I'll pay more attention to you.

If you had read my comment, you'd learn the point of this movie was to get an alternative art form out in the open, for beginning flash designers who want something other than sticks. It's not supposed to have a story, it's just supposed to be random, neurotic and fun!

you know, it's kind of odd....

...but no one ever seems to remember all of Nostradamus's predictions that DIDN'T come true. It's fitting that a quit from centuries ago can be tied in like this. But I bet you all the money in the world that if 2 towers in Canada had been attacked, those quotes would have no meaning to anyone. The fact that the USA is the center of your universe doesn't make it so. I'm not trying to piss people off or make light of something as horrible as this, but I just find it weird that quotes like that one from Nostradamus and other biblical quotes are usually pulled from the same book that inspires the majority of terrorist acts.

Was that an ad for CK One?

Seriously though, I loved the art in it, but what the Hell was with the damn blinking?

Hello. I'm not crazy. Well, maybe I am, but who can really tell when it comes to these things, right?

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